Players, Arenas, Formats

  Illustration formats of participation and co-production Copyright: © REVIERa  

The declared goal of REVIERa is to strengthen the exchange between research and practice and thus to help shape the transformation process. Against this backdrop, REVIERa is intended as a platform for dialogue and exchange. Formats facilitating ongoing dialogue between all groups and stakeholders involved in and affected by the transformation lies at the heart of REVIERA and, based thereon, the joint development of transformation opportunities. The platform is targeted at the following actors:

  • RWTH researchers from various disciplines and those who are working on questions and problems related to the change process in the Rhenish mining area. The aim is to get a transparent overview of all activities, explore possible synergies and the interplay between activities, and to assess the overall contribution of the University to structural change in the mining area.
  • Stakeholders in the Rhenish mining area from the spheres of government, business, civil society, and individuals from stakeholder groups, including those with specific needs as well as shapers and decision makers in the transformation process.
  • A broad range of experts familiar with the complex as-is situation in the Rhenish mining area, in order to be able to assess the transformation options in terms of their interactions and effectiveness.

Within REVIERa, the above groups will co-create and test methods and formats of exchange to shape and master the highly interconnected transformation activities. Embedded in the University’s teaching and research, this will support the processes of building, solidifying and structuring of various actor groups. The aim is to create collaborative structures for the model region for the medium and the long term.

This is a deliberately open process with the aim of creating a new culture of knowledge, innovation and communication. Its implementation corresponds to the objectives of the University’s institutional strategy as an integrated, interdisciplinary university of technology.

  Copyright: © REVIERa