REVIERa Team works on the whiteboard Copyright: © Martin Braun  

REVIERa's approach links four fields that closely interact in transformation processes. The focus is on:

  1. actors and arenas that co-create knowledge and initiate transformational activities in three areas:
  2. orientation is provided through shared values and objectives for change,
  3. complexity is a hallmark of the knowledge required to manage and shape change processes, and
  4. impetus and stimuli are provided in projects and activities to initiate, support the implementation of, and accompany the transformation process.

This research approach is highly innovative: in profound social, technological and spatial change processes, values, knowledge, and implementation interact in an iterative process. By synchronizing the three dimensions, new opportunities for transformation are opened up.

In the REVIERa process, customized methods are developed for activities in areas 2 to 4. These methods can be used to generate and test solutions that are accepted by all groups involved to achieve the desired results, taking into account interdisciplinary aspects relevant across the various groups of actors.