REVIERa team works interactively on the map of the Rhenish mining area © Martin Braun  

REVIERa Mission Statement

The structural change in the Rhenish mining area is of outstanding importance to the region, its neighboring conurbations, and the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The transformation toward carbon-neutral energy supply, largely closed resource cycles, and new attractive residential, work and leisure locations serves as a model for Germany and beyond. RWTH wants to actively accompany the change process. REVIERa is an interdisciplinary, cross-faculty platform which seeks to address long-term perspectives of structural change in the Rhenish lignite mining district – in a dialogue among equals with our partners and the various stakeholders in the area.

The REVIERa transformation platform seeks to address the complex challenge of shaping the lignite phase-out and the far-reaching social, spatial, and technological change processes this entails. The main goal is to develop perspectives – and provide impetus – for this transformation in an interdisciplinary exchange between researchers at RWTH and together with stakeholders in the mining region.

Knowledge of the subject matter, process knowledge, and dialogical knowledge are developed and interwoven in a holistic process. REVIERa combines local transformation activities with global sustainability goals and strengthens a cross-disciplinary, multi-actor approach to shaping the Rhenish mining area as a model region. In a dialogue-oriented process, RWTH is simultaneously developing a new culture of knowledge, innovation and communication. Its implementation corresponds to the objectives of the University’s institutional strategy as an integrated, interdisciplinary university of technology.