Life Worlds in the Rhenish Mining Area

  Illustration of life worlds and their communicative exchange © REVIERa  

The REVIERa transformation platform aims to bring together science and a wide range of social groups to address the future issues of the Rhenish lignite mining area. To this end, REVIERa involves players and stakeholders from different areas of experience and knowledge. People, initiatives, companies, organizations and communities from all walks of life provide a variety of perspectives and ideas on how to transform the region. REVIERa engages, explores, and connects five different life worlds:

Educational World

People engaged in lifelong learning, a wide range of educational institutions, schools, institutes, companies, spaces of learning and knowledge transfer.

Corporate World

Entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups, established and new companies from all sectors, marketplaces, and value chains.

Creative World

Creative thinkers and doers who bring in new perspectives and develop alternative solutions; contributors from the arts, culture, creative industrial sectors, research and development.

World of Social and Institutional Responsibility

Bodies and institutions that take responsibility and provide stability, that are committed to collective values and provide benefit to both the strong and the weak in society, and that are skilled in communicating values between politics, the market, and civil society.

Worlds of Everyday Life

People and groups who live and work in the region, with expertise in their everyday activities, neighborhoods, local associations, families, the diversity of life situations, and general needs.