Impetus for Innovation From RWTH

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Researchers provide impetus for innovation in the Rhenish mining area to help shape the socio-ecological transformation towards sustainability together with a wide range of stakeholder groups in the region. To this end, seven fields of innovation were defined at RWTH Aachen University.


RWTH Fields of Innovation

  • Energy
  • AI and Information
  • Materials and Cycles
  • Production
  • Health
  • Mobility
  • Productive Landscape

The seven fields of innovation are established and continually evolving research areas actively promoting the transformation towards sustainability. Through their contributions in basic and applied research, they provide impetus for innovation and create essential prerequisites and conditions for a successful change process. As any resulting measures are likely to impact each other, it is key to foster and maintain an active dialogue and exchange between the various innovation fields and all disciplines involved.

The fields of innovation and the stimuli they provide offer a basis for jointly designing and shaping the future of the Rhenish mining area. In order to make sure that the transformation towards sustainability is actually implemented, it is essential to complement these innovative ideas with the expertise and the values of all stakeholder groups in the region. REVIERa is set to drive the dialogue between the disciplines as well as between academia and society, thus ensuring that the various ideas can be turned into interconnected components of the sustainability transformation.

In summer and fall 2020, all projects, ideas and initiatives developed at and with RWTH were gathered and compiled in a book and a project map in order to provide a solid basis for the transformation process. All projects were structured, ordered, and transparently explained so that their potential of all possible measures can be discussed and a sustainable transformation process initiated together with all actors and stakeholders in the region.

Project Map (as of fall 2020)

Project Booklet (as of fall 2020)

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