Transformation Compass

  The Transformation Compass presents REVIERa's seven goals © REVIERa  

Transformation processes result in profound structural change, which sometimes also affects existing value systems. Local and regional requirements as well as today’s global challenges give rise to an increasing need for orientation, including in the search for answers to the question of how to transform and develop the model region. In the deliberation process so far, possible solutions were identified, taking into account both widely agreed and conflicting objectives. To this end, RWTH had developed a so-called transformation compass with various partners from practice. It provides a foundation for communication between individual groups, assisting in identifying underlying values and common goals.

Achieve Environmental Sustainability and Climate Neutrality

The global Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs for short, are to be the guiding principles for the social, technological and spatial development of the mining area as a model region. The climate and resource crisis has been decisive in the decision to phase out coal and transform the mining region. It serves as a driver of sustainable and robust solutions for an increasingly rapidly changing and crisis-prone world.

Facilitate Development

Change cannot be fully planned in advance. In the Rhenish lignite mining region, change has to be shaped over a long period of time. It is therefore important that projects and activities provide creative input, trigger sustainable developments, and keep options open for other possible solutions.

Enhance Quality of Life

The quality of life of the people in the Rhenish mining area serves as the key benchmark of the transformation process. Quality of life must be maintained or improved, in particular where deficits are perceived or when new needs arise. What people understand by quality of life, or the "good life", should be part of the discussion and contribute to guiding the change process.

New Forms of Value Creation

Value creation is the basis of life for the people living in the Rhenish mining area, which has the potential to be a productive region with added value for the neighboring conurbations as well. This productivity must now be refocused on relevant future challenges and aligned with the sustainable use of resources.

Ensuring Inclusion and Participation

The change processes in the Rhenish mining area and the debate surrounding them should be characterized by openness and transparency, a dialogue among equals, and opportunities for everyone to participate. Addressing and involving all groups of the population is essential for the success of the change process.