REVIERatelier at Neuland Hambach

  Preview Game © REVIERa

REVIERateliers summer 2022: on July 1st at the intermunicipal association Neuland Hambach


REVIERa has developed a future game for thinking ahead into the future with the content of the publications Nachhaltigen Wandel gestalten: Innovationsimpulse der RWTH . TheRWTH's  innovation stimuli and the contributions from the region are shown on individual plug-in cards and supplemented by card sets for space and actors.The relevant questions that are formulated from within the region or the specific development area can be easily addressed with this moderation aid against the background of the seven fields of innovation. The aim is to develop future ideas and concepts for a specific room for tomorrow, but also for the medium and long-term future.

REVIERa used the Future Synthesizer for the first time at the REVIERatelier on July 1st at the intermunicipal merger of Neuland Hambach. We are very happy about a successful event and thank all committed participants! After the summer break we will inform you about REVIERa's further activities.

  Game © REVIERa   Game © REVIERa   Future Synthesizer © REVIERa: Concept Future Synthesizer