Agnes Förster in RWTH Podcast About Structural Change


In “Tell Me About It, RWTH!” researchers talk about structural change in the Rhenish mining area. 

With the phase-out of coal-fired power generation, the Rhenish mining area is facing a large-scale transformation process. This structural change poses a huge challenge and impacts all areas of life. To pool the research that could help shape the future of the mining area, RWTH Aachen University launched the REVIERa transformation platform.

In the podcast “Tell me, RWTH!” researchers talk about the Rhenish mining area and its future. They give insights into their research and shed light on the transformation process from different perspectives. In the talks, they answer questions such as “What makes the region attractive for young companies?”, “What are the opportunities offered by structural change?” or “What can RWTH contribute?”.

The first two episodes are now online. Christian Gülpen from the TIME Research Area, a joint venture of research groups from RWTH’s s School of Business and Economy, is the expert in the first episode. He explains what makes the area so attractive for start-ups, what the challenges are that have to be overcome, and what makes the people in the region and their take on life so unique.

In the second episode, Professor Agnes Förster from the RWTH Chair of Planning Theory and Urban Development gives us some insight into the work of the REVIERa core team. She explains why dialogue and knowledge transfer are core tasks of a university and how even schoolchildren can be involved in the process.
The podcast is available on the RWTH website and popular streaming platforms.

You can find more information about the podcast „Tell Me About It, RWTH!“ about Structural Change in the Rhenish Mining here.
Listen to Episode 2 – with Professor Agnes Förster on REVIERa and knowledge transfer in the Rhenish Mining Area here.