Project Workshop with Stakeholders from the Rhenish Mining Area


In October 2020, REVIERa will host an online workshop to foster the dialogue between RWTH researchers and stakeholders and practitioners from the Rhenish mining area. In preparation of the workshop, University researchers had collected project ideas as a basis for discussion. The key idea of the workshop is to present the state of ongoing projects, identify networking opportunities, initiate collaborations, and identify opportunities for transformation.

  Illustration of the REVIERa innovation fields © REVIERa  

Currently, there are more than 75 ongoing projects and initiatives with participation from RWTH researchers covering various areas of innovation :Energy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Communication, Mobility, Health, Production, Materials and Cycles, and Productive Landscape. Based on the individual contributions, possible synergies and interactions between the projects were explored to develop a Project Booklet (de) and a Digital Project Map