Networked Teaching & Learning in the 2021 Summer Semester


In the summer semester of 2021, REVIERa for the first time sought to interlink courses from different faculties and degree programs that are dedicated to regional structural change and the transformation towards sustainability. Teachers and students from 16 courses and three cross-faculty-projects entered into a dialogue about structural transformation. This collaboration provided new impetus to interdisciplinary, project-based teaching and learning and helped students identify potential future research avenues. The Networked Teaching initiative will be continued in the winter semester of 2021.

  Workshop situation with sketches and notes © REVIERa  

The following RWTH faculties are participating in the program:

Faculty 1 – Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences (1 course)

Faculty 2 – Architecture (5 courses)

Faculty 3 – Civil Engineering (1 course)

Faculty 5 – Georesources and Materials Engineering (3 courses)

Faculty 8 – School of Business and Economics (3 courses)

Faculty 10 – Medicine (1 course)

Further information is available at: Networked Teaching & Learning on Structural Change