tu! Hambach Saturday, 17.06.2023 - Kick-off

  Many people are sitting in a circle around a pinboard Copyright: © Daniel Münderlein

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The Experiment can begin

The tu! Hambach opens its doors and welcome!
With a walk through Morschenich-Alt
Being together and meet in the Gastgarten – drinking coffee , opening of the exhibitions
Openening of the Gastgarten and the contributions (Common Grounds) from the students
End at the Wandelbar

RWTH Aachen University, REVIERa, Neuland Hambach, Gemeinde Merzenich

For: all
Location: meeting point church, ab 16:00 Uhr KITA

Without registration - gladly by johann@pt.rwth-aachen.de

Special Guest: Ingo Klafke with Saxophones – for a lively atmosphere in the evening with a live session
More information at: www.get-your-song.de

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KRAFTWERKE (Power Plants)

Ressources in motion – an intergenerational dance performance

Düren tanzt!, ARTbewegt e.V., Förderverein
der Musikschule Düren e.V.

For: visitors, residents, those interested in arts and cultures, families
Meeting point: I Großes Zelt + Gastgarten

Without registration

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